Paramount Men’s Team

Competitive Gymnastics is a rewarding sport that fosters strength, focus, teamwork, determination, and personal satisfaction. We’re proud of our teams and our coaches. Paramount’s Boys Teams have won many individual and team awards, as well as state and regional titles.

We select team coaches very carefully – creating a unique combination of discipline, structure, hard work, nurturing, and fun to bring out the best in each of our athletes. Paramount’s team coaches have years of experience training and competing athletes at all levels.

At the team level, gymnastics is also a demanding sport that requires time, energy, dedication and commitment. We understand however, that there is life outside the gym. For that reason, there are varying levels of commitment within the Paramount Boys Team program to suit different goals and lifestyles.

This program is by invitation only, however, in addition to invitation only we are more than happy to welcome other competitive team participants from other facilities. We invite you to participate on our team at your current competitive level. 

Paramount coaches reserve the right to accelerate athletes through the program based on individual skill level and attitude. Parents and team members are required to review and adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the team program.