Paramount Junior Olympics Team

Our competitive team program is for team level athletes. Our goal is to build a strong united competitive team. Our team athletes are focused on and dedicated to achieving a high level of gymnastic performance. Therefore, we offer organized practices, highly motivated knowledgeable coaching, providing a fun but focused atmosphere. As coaches and gym owners we care about our athletes and know what they sacrifice in order to pursue their dreams. Therefore, we focus on athletic excellence, and we strive to build positive attitudes and self-confidence.

This program is by invitation only, however, in addition to invitation only we are more than happy to welcome other competitive team participants from other facilities. We invite you to participate on our team at your current competitive level. It is in our best interest to accelerate our athletes through the Junior Olympic Program at a pace that is suitable for each individual.

Paramount coaches reserve the right to accelerate athletes through the program based on individual skill level and attitude. Parents and team members are required to review and adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the team program.